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Russian Aggression: Instead of a foreign policy that’s a blend of Neville Chamberlain and Monty Python, the U.S. should trade flexibility for some backbone, scrap the reset button and start digging some missile silos.

It takes a lot to make…


Kurt Nimmo | Meanwhile multiple sources report no sign of Russian military build-up.

Marina Koren | Crimea wasn’t the only territory Russia claimed as its own this month.

Vladimir Putin: a “clear and present danger”?

(Washington, D.C.) — In preparing for the launch of The Auschwitz Escape, I contracted with a nationally-respected polling company to ask a series of questions that would help me better understand American attitudes towards the Ho…

Putin’s Anschluss of Crimea.


President Obama announces sanctions on 11 Russians. The European Union on Monday imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on 13 Russians and eight Crimean leaders. (Politico)
Krauthammer: Obama’s “Preposterous” Sanctions On …

For those who thought that the crisis in the Ukraine is over because it’s been out of the mainstream news for 72 hours, think again.
According to reports, Vladimir Putin has now deployed a massive military force on the Ukraine/Crimea border. Formerly one country, it has now effectively…

Speaking at a press conference today Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that any invasion of Crimea by forces loyal to the pro-West Ukrainian government will be met with strategies once used in the Soviet Union by the likes of Lenin and Stalin in which civilians would be put ahead of the…