Guest post by Gun Owners of America
“The founders did not establish a right to bear arms… They assumed it already existed [and] said that it ‘shall not be infringed.’ But gun-control advocates frequently want to skip over those words.”
Gun Owners of America joined a chorus of pro-gun organ…

Will Virginians get fooled again?

Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is one of the top Democrat fundraisers in the country. Like most Democrats, he has virtually no experience running a company, much less an entire state.
As a Clinton apparatchik, insiders have confirmed that he is…

No one else is in Ramirez’ league.

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Doug Ross @ Journal

Anthony Gucciardi | Radio host Michael Savage joins in calling for answers over secret nuke transfer.

Andrea Peterson | “We have a very difficult time with this,” Hayden said.

Ed Driscoll calls this “speaking truth to Journolist“, referring to a single comment that fillets the ludicrous excuse for a journalist named “Michael Tomasky” (if that is his real name):

Do you think the vast majority of American’s that do not want to get…

Paul Joseph Watson | Portrayal of Hastings as drug abuser skirts truth about crash.