If you were to contact a real estate agent in any major market today they’d likely advise you the market is so “hot” that if you intend on purchasing property you’d better be prepared to act fast. They’ll adamantly point out, contrary to reality, that the housing…



Infowars.com | Alex dissects the greatest hoax of the century, “Man Made Global Warming” in this exclusive special report.


Guest post by Dan From New York
I had argued some time ago that the fall of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt dealt a crushing blow to Obama’s scheme to empower the Islamist side in Israel’s volatile region – one which would be hard-to-impossible for Obama to turn back.

Now comes word t…


Outgoing Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano ominously warned of a coming “cyber event” in an open letter to her successor this week, claiming that such an attack on the domestic internet “will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy, and the…


Kurt Nimmo | Obama and his partners in crime set stage of another murderous attack.


Kurt Nimmo | Establishment media sources base conclusions on information by CIA’s FSA and terror organizations al-Nusra and al-Qaeda.