August 2013

Guest post by The DiploMad
Words evolve. They take on new meaning over the years. Social and political movements appropriate certain words, redefine them, and then use them to shape the ideological battlefield. The classic example of that, of course, is “bolshevik” and…

Advertisements | Russell Brand’s full interview released.

Julie Wilson | Obama decides to follow the Constitution and seek Congressional approval for Syrian military strike.

Reuters | The council sent a selection of rebel groups a military plan of action to use if strikes took place.

Julie Wilson | US government targets US Syrian immigrants.

Kurt Nimmo | Graphs explain motivation behind loomng Syria attack.

Interesting comment by JVictor vis a vis Daniel Greenfield’s article entitled “Liberal Hypocrisy in Iraq and Syria.”
[A] so-called change of heart with members of the Obama administration is not a change at all.
Every time there has been a destabilizing force that poses a…

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