Be Prepared

Are you prepared for the next natural or man made disaster?  Can you protect your family when sh** hits the fan?  These are questions you need to ask your self.  Emergency preparedness may be something that you only take for granted. In fact, during emergency situations, your only concern probably would be your own family’s safety.

Have you been asked by these questions before? What is inside your fridge right now? Is your dog food or cat food edible by humans? Do you have an emergency meeting place for your family? Who is going to get your kids in school, in case, you did not make it? Do you even have dogs at home? Well, these questions could be some what intimidating, privacy intruding, and all the more, unusual for you to answer.

Emergency planning unfortunately is one of the least focused aspects of family safety planning. Your family may have been through all sorts of safety activities such as engaging in seminars about family emergency response, you may have all the books of safety and emergency for homes, you could be installing the most high tech security and alarm system in your house, but if you don’t have an emergency plan when that dreaded day comes, it would all be of no use.

Remember, that when you do emergency planning, you consider all the possible threats, calamities and disasters that may come. Home related emergencies may include the most common, electrical or fire accidents, physical accidents such as falling from the stairs, to gas leak explosion, earthquake, typhoons and even burglaries.

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